Paranormal Unity is a pipe dream.

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6 years 1 month ago #12 by Jason Porter
Jason Porter created the topic: Paranormal Unity is a pipe dream.
Currently, “Paranormal Unity” is just a buzz word created by groups who are looking for recognition and unjustified collaboration to propagate their own agenda in this field. At this time, most groups who promote unity have, in fact, done very little research on their own and have very limited experience in the field. They are looking to ride the coat tails of others to make themselves known in the community.

In theory, unity is a great concept having investigators on the same page, following the same practices (investigation and client relation) and submitting the same quality evidence subjected to peer review and approval for presentation to the public at large. With a governing board and quality group that help steer the field in a logical, science and fact based driven direction. What a dream…. The reality? This will probably never happen….

Why will unity never happen? The vast majority working in this field will never agree completely, will continue to use their own unsubstantiated opinion, and will rebut any loosely formed governing body without regulation. Basically, until the government creates a licensing/regulating body that weeds out non-professional investigators and requires a set of proper standard investigative procedures, you will always have nothing more than hobbyists investigating. Every group out there feels they are the ones doing it the right way and there is no regulation or licensure to say otherwise.

With that said, how do I qualify paranormal unity today? I look at it like you would mainstream politics, we may listen to the views of an opposing candidate, but we don’t lend our support to them. How is paranormal research any different? One paranormal investigator showing unity with another merely because they are just a paranormal investigator is like a Republican candidate showing unity with a Democrat because they happened to be a politician. It really doesn’t make any sense to partner with someone only on the basis that you loosely share interest in the same hobby. Also, having an interest in politics doesn’t qualify me to run for office, it’s the same principle.

Unconditional paranormal unity can be counter productive for the paranormal field. Why allow unity with a person or group that continually posts false or easily discredited evidence? Or, demonstrates questionable investigative methods? Respect in the field is earned; it should not be automatically given without justification. If you or your group can’t take personal criticism of your methodology or presented evidence, then you don’t have enough experience or backup to justify them, not only to others, but more importantly to yourself. Evidence is not a numbers game; it is about the credibility of the evidence being presented. The paranormal field wishes to be treated as a field of science. In order for that to happen, the researchers need to adopt methodology as with other science fields. The primary goal is to question everything to ensure that proof is sound and not fabricated or presented without basis.

The best hope for the future is to wait until the limelight on the field from pop culture centered around the TV shows dies down. When pop culture moves on to another new fad, what will be left are the serious investigators who are concerned with the investigating properly for the truth and are concerned for the help that are given to their clients.

Don’t forget! This field is not only about proving scientifically in the existence of paranormal phenomenon, but it is also about helping clients who contact paranormal teams for help in dealing with activity occurring in their home or business. Most paranormal teams lose sight of the needs and respect that they owe to clients who contact them. Thrill seekers are only interested in what experience they can have or evidence they can find and not about helping or respecting their client or the client’s wishes. We see this too often in the field!

Carolina Paranormal Management

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6 years 1 month ago #13 by Paul Pittman
Paul Pittman replied the topic: Paranormal Unity is a pipe dream.
Currently, the best option available and advice for those looking for assistance with the paranormal is to do your homework. Look for credible references and ask questions. Also be sure of what it is you are actually looking for! Jason used a good metaphor above when comparing this to politics. Not knowing what you are looking for when requesting help would be like asking a politician to arbitrarily cut taxes. Unless you are specific, you are going to get an answer you want to hear simply to make you feel good or make them look good. Ask for their background and history. Find out what cases they have done and what kind of results they have come up with. Know who and what you are dealing with!

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