The Devil's Tramping Ground

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Content Author: Paul Pittman, Recruitment Manager (Carolina Paranormal Society)

THE STORY: Ghost tales and legend are often brought back to life by groups hearing rumors and stories that they want to check out, especially when they are slow, board and simply looking for something to do! A case in North Carolina includes the Devil’s Tramping Ground in Chatham County is once such story born out of myths and legend. Located near the Harper’s Crossroads area near Bennett NC, an infamous circular area where dogs tuck their tails and run and men have been reported to have gone insane. It is here that the cloven footprints of the devil himself have cursed the ground preventing vegetation to grow within it. Another story is that it is an ancient burial ground of a Croatan Indian chief and the gods have kept that spot barren. There are even UFO reports emanating from there.

THE FACTS: The spot itself circular and somewhat barren, leaves visitors looking for paranormal answers more than a little disappointed. Essentially, what is felt to be a portal or paranormal hot spot is nothing more than a natural salt lick. This type of “phenomenon” is a common occurrence to the forests and outcroppings in the Carolinas and is actually quite common. In reality, the most common findings at the site now include broken glass, empty beer cans and odd paintings.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The meaning here is quite simple. Before you start believing the stories and jumping to conclusions check all of the facts! In other words, Occam’s Razor applies to this case as it often does: The simplest explanation is often the best and in cases like this, the only real explanation.


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