Peter Dromgoole and Gimghoul Castle

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Content Author: Paul Pittman, Recruitment Manager (Carolina Paranormal Society)

THE STORY goes that Peter Dromgoole, a young 18 year old college student at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC met his untimely death during a duel. Reportedly in 1832 Peter and a fellow student in a dispute over a young lady named Fannie. Because dueling was discouraged at the time (It was an activity included in the student handbook as actively discouraged), the seconds and witnesses hastily buried Peters dead body was quickly buried and a large rock which he had collapsed upon after being shot was moved over his grave. Distraught, Fannie later died that summer over the death over her boyfriend. Reports continue of 2 shadowy figures meeting in the woods near that infamous rock, still stained with the blood of Peter’s wounds.

THE FACTS: While there are no actual facts surrounding this story of the duel itself, Peter’s uncle (George C. Dromgoole) fought and in a duel in 1837 with a more positive outcome. Peter himself did in fact register for admission to UNC in 1833. After failing his entrance exams, he reportedly departed the US for Europe and never returned. There are however, several things have helped to build the legend to its status today, including the gothic Gimghoul Castle which was constructed on the campus in the 1920s, well after the alleged duel. Further adding to the mystery is the alleged secret sect known as the Gimghoul Society. Secrecy and ominous structures usually tend to lend a helping hand to these sorts of stories. The rock itself is physically located on private property and trespassers will be prosecuted so any thoughts of exploring the site should be dismissed immediately.

THE BOTTOM LINE: So the bottom line we are trying to make this week is simply the fact that while some of these stories may have loosely been based on some facts, time has usually twisted it into something totally different and perverse. Again – before starting on any investigation, the need to get your facts straight is paramount! In this case, not only could it save you time and headaches, but also a trip to court for a trespassing violation!


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