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9 years 2 months ago #21 by Paul Pittman
Paul Pittman created the topic: Looking for like-minded individuals
I wanted to start this thread and be a little more specific in m thought process in hopes of finding others who either share or are at the very least interested in this subject.
Concerning the concept of multi-dimensions in time, what I consider a possibility (and correct me if I am wrong please) that if in fact multiple dimensions in time do co-exist, then is it not entirely possible that what we experience as “paranormal” could simply be an instance where time and space are actually close enough to experience another instance in time? Furthermore, when considering the concept of string theory, this would in fact explain our incidental contact with others from multiple timelines, especially during a single investigation; say one from the 1600s and another from the civil war periods.
For example, say during an investigation, you begin to have activity with an entity that is not only very active, but is also a bit inquisitive of the overall process that is currently being undertaken from their perspective. In this instance, I think it would be safe to say that to them, we may be the entities involved from their perspective. In other words, we are the ghosts being seen on the other side.
Personally, I think this subject could go in any number of directions (no pun intended) based solely on the concept alone. And I am not looking at the possibility of time travel or anything so controversial in that sense. I am just looking for those interested in a discussion concerning the possibility of this perhaps answering some questions. We have the forum to explore these types of things so let’s do it!

Paul Pittman

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