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St Augustine Lighthouse

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7 years 7 months ago #31 by Paul Pittman
Paul Pittman created the topic: St Augustine Lighthouse
Recently, the co-founders of the Carolina Paranormal Society (CPS) visited the site of the lighthouse located in St. Augustine, FL. Over the course of 2 days, the duo made several trips to the adjacent area and set up their own equipment. Based on previous experiences and outcomes, they were able to yield some extraordinary results. Because of this, I figured I would post some background on the location and the events that may have spawned the activity itself.
The below excerpt pulled from www.ghosteyes.com/ghosts-st-augustine-lighthouse

Most Haunted Places in America: St. Augustine Lighthouse

The present day St. Augustine Lighthouse was built in 1874 but it is not the original lighthouse. The original was built in the 1600’s but tidal erosion marked an end to it. The current lighthouse was built by the U.S. Government which bought parcels of land from several Florida residents to house the project. A death at the original lighthouse and a dispute from a neighbor during the second build is only the start of the tragedy that has occurred on this spot, making this one of the most haunted places in America.

There are two possible ghosts attributed to the original lighthouse, Mr. Andreu, the original lighthouse keeper who fell to his death while painting the tower and Dr. Ballard. Being one of the original land owners, Dr. Ballard, disputed his neighbors over the land deal with the government and reports are that he claimed he would never leave his land. Maybe he never did.

There are also reports from staff and visitors alike of cigar smells throughout the lighthouse. This can possibly be attributed to another keeper, Peter Rasmussen who was said to be not only a strict and meticulous manager but was always seen smoking his favorite cigar.

The lighthouse would undergo a renovation during the late 1800’s. The head of that renovation was Hezekiah Pity. The main obstacle to overcome during this renovation was getting supplies up to the lighthouse. This obstacle was overcome by a tram system that ran from the lighthouse down to where the supplies were brought in.

Pity’s daughters Eliza (13) and Mary (15) along with a friend were playing around the lighthouse. It has been reported that the girls would often ride down the tramway for fun. On this day in 1873 the girls rode the tramway but the tram broke loose and slid down the hill and into the bay. All three girls drowned and it is this tragedy that has produced one the most well known ghosts of the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

Staff and visitors both have claimed to hear two girls laughing in the tower along with footsteps running up and down the steps. It is the eldest girl Mary that people claim to have actually seen in several places. She has been seen wearing the same blue velvet dress and blue hair bow she had on when the accident occurred. Interestingly, the third girl in the accident, an African American has never been seen.

The Keeper’s House is built right beside the lighthouse and there have also been reports of a girl appearing and disappearing in the house. In the 1950’s the last keeper went as far as refusing to stay in the house because of the sighting and footsteps heard of the little girl.

The most intriguing of all the reports is that of the upstairs door. It is padlocked every night by the closing employee and has motion sensing lights as well as a security alarm at the top of the lighthouse. Employees opening the lighthouse the next morning have said there are times when the door has been unlocked and standing open when they go to unlock it the next day.

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