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    Welcome to the Paranormal Teams Directory. This is the internet's newest online community and directory for paranormal enthusiasts. Click below to create your account and start interacting with us NOW!
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    Come join our online community of paranormal researchers. Feel free to share ideas, ask questions and collaborate! Our community is just like the popular social media sites.
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About Us

A one stop resource of paranormal information.

The Paranormal Teams Directory website is a one stop resource for paranormal related information. The intent of this website is to help families connect with paranormal professionals in their area who can provide the help they need.

This website is also a resource for paranormal teams to connect, collaborate and find resource information to aid their mission and research.

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Interesting Topics and insights in our blog.

We are offer a content rich blog and knowledgebase of information around all genre of the paranormal.

Our blog allows visitors to use their social media accounts to share, comment and like information found inside our KB.

This area is a one stop resource for paranormal information.

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Community / Forum.

We have a social media style community interface that allows you to interact, friend, share and communicate with paranormal enthusiasts across the world.

You can upload photos, videos, create unique profiles and share ideas in a newsfeed style format.

We also have a forum for postings, replies and searchable content.

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    Check out our interactive Paranormal Team Directory to find the help you Read More
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    Check out our Resource Directory listing Independent Researchers, Psychics, Clergy and more. Read More
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    Check out our directory of Haunted Locations from around the world. Read More
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