Paranormal Bullying and Paranormal Unity

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Jason Porter created the topic: Paranormal Bullying and Paranormal Unity
Paranormal Bullying and Paranormal Unity
Why both concepts are a bunch of bullshit.

If you’re in the paranormal field, you’ve heard of them, “Paranormal Bullying”and “Paranormal Unity” . On the surface paranormal bullying sounds bad, right? One paranormal investigator bullying another, one team bullying another. Making fun of someone’s evidence or investigative techniques, calling them out in public over an orb photo. It’s a bad thing, right? Paranormal unity sounds good, right? Everyone agreeing on pieces of evidence and investigative techniques. Supporting each other no matter how things are being done. All working towards the same goal. The truth about what happens when we die. It’s not going to happen. I’m calling bullshit on the concepts of paranormal bullying and paranormal unity. I’m sick of seeing photos of dust on one of the many Facebook groups and having people “oohhh and ahhh” over it. Or the picture of a tree and the poster asking “can you see the face, huh, can you see the face?” When no one can see it they Photoshop a red circle around a spot in the tree that with your imagination you can see a face. Or my favorite, the self proclaimed Reverend that has been crossing ghosts over for 60 years and claims to have crossed over hundreds of thousands in one weekend. He’s posting pictures of dust and claiming that they are talking to him. I want some of what he’s smoking. People want so bad to get or see paranormal evidence, they will believe and do just about anything to get it. Well, I’m not.

If you pay attention to the people railing against paranormal bullying and supporting paranormal unity, you will find these are the amateurs of the field. Yes, there are no professional paranormal investigators, but these are the amateurs of the amateurs. These are the same people that trespass when investigating cemeteries or “it’s not breaking and entering if you don’t break anything” type of people. These are the type that go around claiming everything is paranormal, “Oh, look at my orb photos!” “Did you hear that?”“ Look at the little girl in the photo!” Um, no. It’s dust, someone farted, and that’s a smart phone app. We humans desire an explanation to life so bad that we are willing to believe anything that sounds plausible. Stop being so gullible. Having had two paranormal teams (one currently and one in my old home state), having conducted hundreds of investigations and with 12 plus years in the paranormal field, I can tell you that real paranormal activity happens in less than 5% of all cases. I have seen thousands of “paranormal photos”, hours of “paranormal video” and listened to hundreds of robotic sounding EVP’s, with only a handful being unexplainable and that can be considered real paranormal evidence.

Debunking evidence is all part of the process. If you take offense to someone debunking your photo, get out of the paranormal field. If you claim your being bullied because someone was able to prove you wrong, get out of this field. If you rail for paranormal unity because you don’t want to be challenged, get out of this field. If your worried about offending someone by debunking their photo or video, get out of this field. If your willing to try and debunk and disprove any and all evidence, look out. You just bullied someone and you can’t be part of the unity club. You’re going to paranormal Hell! No really, we need people like you in this field. I, personally will continue to call people out for bogus evidence. I don’t give a shit if they say I’m bullying them and that I’m against paranormal unity. Someone needs to take a stand for the integrity of the paranormal field. It’s bad enough that we already have tv shows that fake evidence (I know first hand, after investigating a home that one of the shows investigated, even the client said the show faked evidence) and psychic shows with fake psychics. The only way to further this field is to weed out those that are in the field for a thrill. Distance ourselves from the amateurs amongst amateurs. Call out those that want to call dust paranormal evidence. This is my opinion, you don't have to like it.

Jason Porter

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