Paranormal Teams Directory Requirements:

You must submit your listing first by navigating to the appropriate state or country and clicking the "Add your listing here" button.   You will be required to select a subscription plan to list your paranormal team in our directory. Basic listings are FREE. Premium listings providing greater website visibility require a paid subscription.  All listing submissions are reviewed by an administrator to ensure they meet the minimum requirements. We feel that these minimum requirements are necessary for potential clients to receive quality services from serious and established teams in their area.  Listings are reviewed, approved and published within 72 hours of submission to the directory.

Note:  The address field is required, however it is not published.  Only City and State identify the location of a paranormal team.

For your listing to be approved you must meet these minimum requirements:

- Your team must have a minimum two (2) years of verifiable service with a minimum of ten (10) client requested investigations performed by your team.

- You must also have a minimum of four (4) members on your team.

- If needed, you must be able to provide a minimum of three (3) references from prior clients, including full contact information as a validation of information.  (We will only ask for this information if a complaint is issued or we suspect you have provided false information).

- The founder(s) of your team must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

- All members of your team must have a clean criminal record and we highly encourage your team to conduct criminal background checks.

- All members of your team must have the ability to provide a professional appearance.

- Your team must provide all investigative services at no cost to the client. This includes charges for fuel, supplies, materials, equipment or lodging related to conducting an investigation for a client. You may accept freely-given donations, you may participate or engage in fundraising that supports the operation of your team and host special projects or events. You may NEVER require clients to render payment for services.

- Your team must be located in (and must operate within) the area in which you provide in your listing for area(s) covered.

- If your team does not meet these minimum requirements and is rejected for a listing, you will be given an explanation for the rejection and you may not reapply for listing for at least twelve (12) months.

In addition to the above requirements, we look at the quality of your team's website. Your website must be constructed in a client-friendly manner, and provide information that a client typically might require in order to make an informed decision whether to request your team‘s services. When we examine your website, we will look for:

- A professional web presence hosted on an advertisement-free service.

- Team member pictures, which are up to date allowing for clients to see who is providing services.

- A visible and easy-to-use mechanism for clients to request help.

- Information about your team's investigative methodology, the equipment you use during an investigation, and evidence review turn around time.

- Clean design and simple navigation, with up to date content.

- Active social networking, but website cannot be a Facebook page or other social media site.

- Your web presence will be actively monitored to ensure it remains within our guidelines and is active.

 The following items will disqualify your website from meeting our minimum requirements:

- Broken links and incomplete pages.

- Websites requiring registration before clients can view critical pieces of information regarding your team.

- Overt solicitations for donations or payment of any form, for any reason.

- Slander of other paranormal teams or individuals.

- Scary imagery, music/sound effects, etc.


Resource Directory Requirements

- You must provide a reputable paranormal resource service for clients or paranormal teams.

- You must detail the services provided and include any costs associated with the resource service that you provide.

- You must choose the appropriate service area for your resource.

- You must provide accurate address, contact information (telephone/email), website for the resource.  Website guidelines need to meet the same as noted above for paranormal teams.


Haunted Locations Directory Requirements

Note:  We request the contact information for the owner for each listing.  This information is optional and never published.  These fields are utilized as a contact for any listing that are submitted as open to public and/or open to investigations.  The property owner must provide a validation before listings advertising public investigations will be published to the directory.

- Submissions to the Haunted Locations directory are also free.  All submitted listings will be reviewed for legitimacy, accuracy and ownership validation.

- You must provide accurate address, contact information (telephone/email), website for location.  Ensure website belongs to actual location.

- Please be descriptive about the claims of paranormal activity and be sure to add in any relevant historical data about the location.

- Please do not submit private residences or private property locations. Private residences/property will not be published in this directory.