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Welcome to the Paranormal Teams Directory!

The Paranormal Teams Directory website is dedicated to providing resource information to those in need with paranormal related phenomenon. We provide a worldwide directory service of reputable paranormal teams and helpful information about the investigation process and materials.
We provide information for just about anyone interested in the paranormal field. You can find an investigation team in your area, local ghost tours, haunted locations across the world, psychics, clergy, investigation event companies, you can even find information on radio and television shows dedicated to paranormal exploration.

The following are conduct expectations for using this website. Violation of these terms will result in suspension of your membership account with our website.

1) We expect all users to be respectful to the opinions of others. We will not tolerate the slander, arguments, harassment, inappropriate language or name calling of any kind. If you cannot interact on this website without showing respect of other paranormal teams, researchers or those seeking advice or help, your account will be terminated and you will be banned from this website.

2) Please keep all topics on this website specific to the paranormal. Do not advertise or create discussion about any topic that is not related to the paranormal.

3) If you wish to advertise your paranormal team or event, we will allow posting in our Community section only. Please only post your advertisement once. If you advertise repeatedly or flood the website (Community, Forum, etc) with advertisements you will be banned and all postings will be deleted.

4) Administrators have full control of all website content. Do not attempt to block or hide content from Administrators in the Community (Profile, NewsFeed or Groups) and/or Forum. Admins monitor all activity and will ban any user attempting this activity from the website.

5) As a registered user of this website, you agree that you bound to Terms of Use of this website and will not attempt to hack, reverse engineer or modify any components of this website out of malice or personal gain. Any detrimental attack to this web service will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. All IP addresses that access this site are recorded and logged. User account data is gathered and kept confidential.

We encourage you to share and invite others to use our website and its services.
Thank you!!

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Paranormal Teams Directory Official Launch

We would like to introduce the website to the paranormal community across the globe to utilize for all paranormal resource and...

  • Wednesday, 30 April 2014 12:00 AM
  • Online
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